The Teensy Shield is an adapter that allows you to install Teensy modules in the mikroBUS slot or connect mikroBUS modules (such as MikroElekronika's Click®) to Teensy modules.

The Teensy Shield is designed to install Teensy 4.0, Teensy 3.2, Teensy LC and previously produced Teensy 3.1 to mikroBUS slot:

Almost all signals not used by mikroBUS from the installed Teensy are output to the AUX1 and AUX2 connectors, which makes it possible to use almost all Teensy functions without changing the programs.

The I2C interface is most often used in the design of devices and instruments based on this module.

The Teensy Shield contains the voltage regulator AMS1117-3.3. On the bottom-side there is a jumper defining the 3V3 source on the mikroBUS (from the installed to Teensy module or from AMS1117-3.3). By default - from the installed module.

Optionally, a BME280 is installed on the bottom-side of the module (7-bit address on I2C = 111011x). The address for BME280 is selected with jumpers on the bottom-side. The default address should be 1110111.

The Teensy Shield size 42.93 x 25.4 mm.

The main areas of application of the module:

  • Data acquisition systems (DAS) and PLC
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Communication devices
  • Smart home control
  • Consumer electronics
  • Lighting systems
  • Audio application
  • Smart sensors

With Teensy Shield, it is easy to use Teensy modules to control the following Pro Series I / O modules:

  • I2C 4AI ADS1x15 Pro
  • I2C 2RO+2AI Pro
  • I2C 2RO+2DI Pro

You can also learn more about the I2C 2RO + 2DI Pro module on the IoThings Digital page at Crowd Supply. 

Teensy Shield


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