The RPi to mikroBUS™  module is an adapter that allows you connect mikroBUS™ modules (such as MikroElekronika's Click®) to Raspberry Pi modules.


The top-side has:

  • two Qwiic connectors for I2C
  • 5VDC connector
  • mikroBUS™ Header


MikroElekronika™ manufactures numerous modules with mikroBUS™ interface - Click® modules. All these modules can be easily connected directly to Raspberry Pi.


With RPi to mikroBUS™ it is easy to use Raspberry Pi compatible modules to control the following Pro Series I/O modules:


  • I2C 4AI ADS1x15 Pro
  • I2C 2RO+2AI Pro
  • I2C 2RO+2DI Pro


You can also learn more about the I2C 2RO + 2DI Pro module on the IoThings Digital page at Crowd Supply. 

RPi to mikroBUS


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