The BOKRA LPC824 Lite module is based on a simple and economical microcontroller LPC824M201JHI33 (further - LPC824) with Cortex M0+ architecture. This microcontroler is real alternative to 8-bit MCU.


Frequency – 30 MHz. MCU flash memory - 32 kB, RAM - 8 kB. The microcontroller supports up to four I2C (SMBus) interfaces, up to three UART interfaces and up to two SPI. The microcontroller contains 12-bit ADC (speed up to 1.2 Msps).


Debug Interface - SWD. External connectors - I2C and mikroBUS.

Input power supply - 5V. The voltage regulator is Microchip's MIC5528, providing 500 mA output current. The module has a RESET button and three LEDs (power and two software-controlled).

The size of the BOKRA LPC824 Lite module is 28.6 x 25.4 mm.


The LPC824 microcontroller is widely used in the following areas:

  • Sensors and sensor gateways
  • Simple motor control
  • Industrial Applications
  • Portable and wearable devices
  • Game controllers
  • Lighting
  • Consumer devices
  • Fire and security applications
  • Climate control


Easy create and product. All BOKRA LPC824 Lite users can easy create compact application solutions and instantly overcome the barrier between prototype and factory production stage of their device. 


  • Add LPC824 MCU power to expansion modules with mikroBUS interface, Grove Systems peripherals and any I2C modules
  • Users will have the opportunity to apply any of more than 500 expansion modules with mikroBUS in their developments based on LPC824
  • BOKRA LPC824 Lite is compatible with LPCXpresso IDE v8.2.2 (popular Free Edition), Keil MDK and other IDE


Attention! The BOKRA LPC824 Lite module is compatible with MikroElektronika Click® modules using 3.3V. Compatibility with 5V Click® modules is not guaranteed.

LPC824 Lite

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  • LPC824M201JHI33


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