The I2C 8AI modules are analog input modules based on the 12-bit high-speed and low-power ADC LTC2309.

The I2C 8AI module is controlled via the I2C protocol. These control method allow you to use the module with almost any type of microcontroller. This board compatible with Rapberry, Arduino, Nucleo, Adafruit, Particle, Teensy and more with or without I2C bus.

The modules allow you to measure eight differential analog signals - both voltage and current. Used in the Analog Devices LTC2309 ADC module, it has 12 bits. The type of ADC used is SAR (sequential approximation ADC). Measurement speed - 14000 measurements per second. The range of voltage measurement is 0-5V. Measuring Current Range: 4-20mA. The ADC used in the module is characterized by low consumption: 1.5mW for a speed of 1000 measurements per second, 35μW in Sleep mode.

Input power: 5VDC. Possibility of using internal and external reference voltage.

The I2C 8AI module size 65 x 56 mm. The format of the module corresponds to the popular format of the Raspberry Pi 3A+, which greatly simplifies its use with the Raspberry Pi. So I2C 8AI is primarily the Raspberry Pi analog input board.

The module comes fully assembled and ready to go. The module is part of the BOKRA universal platform for IoT and IIOT, which was created to simplify users the step from design to implementation of projects and the start of production.

On the website of the manufacturer of the ADC - Analog Devices - are some of the main applications:

  • Industrial Process Control
  • Motor and engine control
  • Remote data acquisition
  • Data logger
  • IoT
  • Battery powered devices
  • Voltage and current monitoring


  • 8 differential analog signals

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