The BOKRA I2C 2RO+2AI Pro modules are professional modules with two Omron G5Q-14 relays and two analog input channels based on an analog digital converter (ADC) from Texas Instruments (either ADS1115-Q1 or ADS1015).

The relays have a maximum switching current of 3A at a voltage of 250 VAC or 30 VDC. The type of switch is SPDT. Galvanic isolation - individual. An electrical insulation strength of 4 kV VAC (within 1 minute between the coil and the contacts) and 1 kV VAC (within 1 minute between the contacts of the same polarity) is ensured. The relay is controlled via the I2C interface using the PCA9536DP,118.

The BOKRA I2C 2RO+2AI Pro boards allow you to measure two differential analog signals, both voltage and current. The two ADCs installed on the module (either ADS1115-Q1 or ADS1015 from Texas Instruments) are 16 and 12 bits respectively. Type of ADC - ΔΣ (delta-sigma). Voltage measurement ranges: 0-0.5V, 0-5V, 0-10V, ± 0.5V, ± 5V, ± 10V. Current measurement ranges: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, ± 20mA, 0-40mA. Measurement speed: up to 860 measurements per second for ADS1115 and up to 3300 measurements per second for ADS1015.

mikroBUS modules can be installed on the BOKRA I2C 2RO+2AI Pro modules, for example, BOKRA SoM Lite or Click® modules from Mikroelekronika.

The BOKRA I2C 2RO+2AI Pro module size 65 x 56 mm. The format of the module corresponds to the popular format of the Raspberry Pi 3A+, which greatly simplifies its use with the Raspberry Pi.

Power supply: 9-36VDC.

The main areas of application of the BOKRA I2C 2RO+2AI Pro module:

  • Chemical and refining industry
  • Agriculture and agribusiness
  • Infotainment systems
  • Transport
  • PLC and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS)
  • PID controllers and actuators

I2C 2RO+2AI Pro

    • 4 digital input channels
    • 4 digital output channels

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