The BOKRA 60VDC SSR xx module contains the SSR (solid state relay) CPC1709 from IXYS. The maximum switched current is 9A (without a radiator) / 22.8A (with a radiator) at voltages up to 60 V DC. Switch Type - SPST NO (1-Form-A). Galvanic isolation - individual, electrical insulation strength 2500Vrms.

BOKRA 60VDC SSR xx power supply - 5VDC.

Relay control - using a mikroBUS PWM signal or a signal on an auxiliary connector. These control methods allow you to use the module with almost any type of microcontroller.

There are two versions of the module that differ in output connector:


  • BOKRA 60VDC SSR TB with terminal block
  • BOKRA 60VDC SSR BB with barrier block


Module size 28,6 x 25,4 mm.


The main areas of application of the module:


  • Industrial application
  • DC motor control
  • Robots
  • Medical equipment
  • Multiplexers
  • Input / Output systems
  • Transport and aviation
  • Security systems



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