BOKRA presents universal platform for IoT and IIOT, which was designed for efficient development of IoT / IIoT and for simple step from design to production and implementation your projects. It provides the use of a wide range of expansion modules with the mikroBUS and the I2C interface. We use MCUs from all leading manufacturers and provide compatibility with platforms such as Rasberry, Arduino Nano, Adafruit, Particle, Teensy and Nucleo-32. Thus, we open up an easy way to cross-platform migration.

Universal modular platform for IoT and IIoT

The main features of our platform

1.    The sizes of all modules are standardized. The platform is based on the popular Raspberry Pi form factor and uses mikroBUS standard S and M size modules. It is possible to integrate with popular platforms (Adafruit, Particle, Teensy, Afduino Nano etc,) and create multi-platform solutions.Therefore, it is easy to develop and manufacture PCB, build devices, and also carry out modernization and service. Your way to mass production is reduced. Costs are reduced.
2.    You will have access to well-designed and proven circuit solutions and software for developing devices and smart things for IoT/IIoT. It is not difficult to replace one SoM in your project with another. Even the change of the MCU manufacturer is just some work but not a serious problem.
3.    As the basis for SoM communication with other modules we chose only three interfaces - I2C, SPI and UART. This makes it possible to simplify the development of software. The external interfaces in our platform are also standardized and advanced solutions: WiFi, BLE5, LoRa, etc.